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Overgrad is an all-in-one postsecondary access and success platform that helps you build data-informed practices that drive exceptional student outcomes
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Innovative Systems Creating Extraordinary Outcomes with Overgrad:


Improve access, drive success, standardize quality advising – we’ve got it all

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Guide every student to a strong postsecondary option

Overgrad customers have postsecondary completion rates up to 5 times higher than their peer schools. Leave behind messy spreadsheets for simpler processes, improved outcomes, and constant feedback for students and advisors.


Support your students to and through postsecondary graduation

Allocate tasks efficiently and support your students through postsecondary with Overgrad for Success. This provides a direct view of your team's effort, ensuring your students are successful and complete  postsecondary.

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"Overgrad is developing into a one stop shop for counselors. It makes our job easier linking everything in one database."

Latoya Gadsden - College Counselor at KIPP New Jersey Newark
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Define quality and track progress

Stay informed, accountable, and transparent. Make tracking and progress reporting easy by bringing all your college and career readiness data together in one place.


Confidently report on outcomes

Measure postsecondary success — view degree and certificate completion, postsecondary journeys, and progress at a glance. You'll get a clear picture of your postsecondary success to you can invest in what's working and drop what isn't.

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Overgrad has all the tools you need to support your students to and through high quality postsecondary pathways

You know your students and their needs. We will help you make Overgrad yours & scale your counseling program to serve all students.
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Personalize Match

Use our custom search algorithm to help students build high quality, balanced lists or we’ll add your own

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Local Work-Based Learning Experiences

Curate and share opportunities in the community with students

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Individual Course Plans

Track student progress to graduation based on a defined grad path

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School Specific Tags

Integrate counselor knowledge into college search - replace difficult to manage lists in Google Docs

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Email and Text Support

Communicate with students directly within Overgrad, both over email AND text

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Track Anything

No more massive spreadsheets to update - do it all here with custom fields

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Milestone Tracking

Set clear expectations for students and advisors and track progress each step of the way

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API To Get Data Where You Need It

No more exports and imports to your systems, we’ll get data there automatically

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A platform built by former educators and counselors

We’ve been there, and we want to make your lives easier

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