Postsecondary Planning with Overgrad

Put students in the driver seat of postsecondary planning. Overgrad empowers students to be in charge of their future.
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Surfacing high quality, personalized data to students empowers them with information to own their process

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College Readiness

Build a top notch college list with search tailored to each student and customized for your community

  • Our custom-built-for-you college match algorithm uses regional and historical data to help students build balanced lists and understand their likelihood of acceptance. You can bring your own logic to integrate into Overgrad or we can custom-craft one for you.
  • We integrate unique opportunities specific to your community directly into college search

Career Readiness & Work-Based Learning

Help students understand how their interests and aptitudes translate into future opportunities accessible through college and work-based learning

  • College isn’t for everyone, but Overgrad is. Students can explore apprenticeships, certification programs, internships, military options and more.
  • Our career interest inventory and Big Five personality assessment will enable students to identify their best fit careers.
  • Careers are mapped to local postsecondary pathways to help students unlock opportunity.

Academic Planning

Organize high school courses and experiences, and ensure graduation requirements are met

  • Manage high school courses and eligibility.
  • Track extracurriculars.
  • Explore programs available to high schoolers.
  • Maintain a portfolio to keep track of important essays and documents during high school.

Applications & Financial Aid

Manage required documents for applications and deeply understand the financial fit of each option

  • The Common App Integration makes management a breeze.
  • Overgrad’s transparent document statuses helps students ensure documents get where they need to be.
  • Keep track of FAFSA completion.
  • Our unique award letter tracker allows students to compare their options and make an informed decision for enrollment.

A platform built by former educators and counselors

We’ve been there, and we want to make your lives easier

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