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Goal Setting for Postsecondary Success
Drew Goltermann

Setting goals around postsecondary access and success is fundamental to consistent achievement. Yet, knowing where to start, or where to up your game, can be overwhelming. In this post, get inspired by 16 metrics that leaders across the US are looking at.

Reducing Summer Melt
Drew Goltermann

On the path to college graduation, many students stop before they even start. Learn some practical tips that can help your students avoid this "summer melt".

College Decision Guide: Questions to Ask Your Student as They Decide What’s Next
Drew Goltermann

Every student and situation is unique - but through our experience we've found (and curated for you here) some questions that can help you in a conversation with your student to make a decision on what to do after graduation.

Financial Aid Best Practices
Cassandra Collins

Money continues to influence students’ postsecondary decisions, and after working as a college counselor for years, and now getting to work with counselors across the country, I’ve picked up some strategies that effectively support students and families in navigating financial aid when making their postsecondary decisions.

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Ryan Hoch

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