For CBOs

Get real time data to see what’s really happening with students. Data is shared from school accounts to the CBOs supporting students.

The needs of CBOs are different than schools. Overgrad is built to serve both, unifying all stakeholders to better serve students.

Access to real time student data

Spend your time with students counseling and planning for their future rather than on data collection and entry.

You’ll have insight into where students applied, documents they’ve requested, decision statuses that have been updated and award letter data that has been input.

Easily report out on organization metrics to key stakeholders

Easily access and monitor your key metrics to track whether your strategy is working across schools - the data is reliable, trusted and secure.

Single Student Account

Students no longer have to maintain an account for their school and one for CBOs they work with. Each student has one account, and the data gets where it needs to be.

A platform built by former educators and counselors

We’ve been there, and we want to make your lives easier

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